Welcome to our Terms & Conditions page, where we provide essential information about Aquadefence®. This protective coating guards your fibres against staining and pile damage. Aquadefence® employs state-of-the-art technology for a two-stage protection process, forming a barrier against spills and stains.

While it effectively reduces the risk of lasting damage, understanding its capabilities and limitations is crucial. For expert help in maintaining the quality of your treated items, we recommend Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd, a trusted professional carpet cleaning company.

Please review the following terms and conditions carefully to understand our service offerings and limitations.

Limitations Of Your Newly Protected Fibres

Stage one of Aquadefence® protection will offer a beading effect, enabling spills to be simply blotted from the fibre’s surface. This will help prevent permanent staining and pile distortion.

Aquadefence® will coat each fibre with millions of particles to help prevent permanent staining and pile damage.

Stage two of Aquadefence® uses nanotechnology to help stop permanent staining and pile distortion. Aquadefence® cannot bridge gaps between fibres, meaning that if a liquid is dropped from a height, it may pass between fibres but usually not pass into the fibre itself.

Even if this happens, it is recommended that you gently blot the spill from the outside in using a clean white paper towel. The idea is to let the paper towel absorb the spill from the fibre; do not scrub the fibre. Just very gently press down if necessary. If the spill cannot be removed using a paper towel, it is recommended that nothing else be done, as adding additional liquids may cause permanent damage.

The Professional Carpet Cleaning Company We Recommend.

We would advise contacting our recommended cleaning company at www.acecarpetcleaners.co.uk as adding high street stain removal products will more than likely cause damage to the colour or pile.

Important Information

Please be aware that although Aquadefence® is unique and will outperform other brands on the market, it is still not impenetrable.
Permanent staining is still possible, although significantly reduced and will also assist with achieving excellent results when cleaned.

If a spill is left untreated and left to dry, you should call us to attempt stain removal. We do not recommend that you try to remove these stains yourself. Please contact our recommended cleaning company at www.acecarpetcleaners.co.uk

Aquadefence® is a stain inhibitor, but it is not bulletproof, and permanent staining is still possible, as with other protectors on the market. Aquadefence® is still your best defence against permanent spills and pile damage. We recommend you have your treated items cleaned and re-protected yearly to maintain maximum protection.
We do not accept any responsibility for any permanent damage accrued that has been caused by spills or improper cleaning.

Please note that Aquadefence® will not prevent your rug from becoming soiled from daily use. What Aquadefence® will do is help remove a more considerable amount of dirt and staining when professionally cleaned.

Accepting the quotation means you have read and understood the terms and conditions stated.

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Aqua Defence is the best stain protection system in today’s marketplace because it employs the innovative characteristics of nanotechnology to produce an ideal oil-repellent and water-resistant formula; its particles stick to individual fibres of the exterior at a nanometre level. Aquadefence forms an undetectable protective barrier that renders water and oil impotent to affect the material it’s fused with.

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