Many people ask “Carpet Stain Protection Does It Actually Work?” Having a lovely looking carpet is invariably good, some perceive it as an extravagance when buying a stunning, thick piled carpet for their favoured room. 

One of those soft light carpets that you can plunge your feet into and just feel the opulence and see the refinement in the room when it’s first fitted. However, some of us pause when buying such a carpet for fear of ruining it in no time at all. All it takes is a stain from our shoes or accidentally spilling a glass of wine. Then we have the showroom salesman pushing that we must splash the cash on their stain protector or scotch guarding, driving the cost up dramatically. We begin to wonder if carpet stain protection actually works? Is carpet stain protection worth paying for?

Is it Worth Paying For Carpet Stain Protector?

Whether a carpet stain protector is worth spending your hard-earned cash on is always a bone of contention. Because you cannot answer that question honestly for yourself if you do not have all the facts in the first instance. There are several factors to evaluate before deciding if you want to spend the extra money on stain protectors, whether when you first purchase the carpet or have had the carpet professionally cleaned and contemplate having it stain protected after that.
Without trying to bore you to tears, we will furnish you with the facts about stain protectors and answer some of your questions so you can choose whether or not you deem the cost of a carpet stain protector is value for money.

It would appear you have asked the right first question “Carpet Stain Protection Does It Actually Work?” as you are reading our article. Does carpet stain protection really work? And in response, we can confirm, YES, it does. But there are, as mentioned above, a few factors to assess first. All of them are something that you should ask before any salesman, regardless of it being the one peddling your carpet from a showroom or a professional carpet cleaner who is proposing you stain protection as an aspect of their cleaning services moves to take your hard-earned cash to apply stain protection to your precious carpet.

Does Stain protection last forever?

If someone advises you not to have stain protection because they spilt a drink on their carpet and it was absorbed straight in, and the stain protection didn’t help at all,” be sure to ask them how old their carpet was.

Why? Because the stain protection membrane wears away over time, friction, light, and cleaning can all affect the stain protector gradually wearing the protection barrier away.

So if they reply, “oh, five years old, and I had it cleaned only six months before that, you will have your answer. In a nutshell, when they spilt that drink, they didn’t even have stain protection. It is recommended that you have carpets cleaned once every 12 months, which will keep them looking refreshed and hygienically clean. If you currently have or want carpet stain protection, get it reapplied at the time of cleaning.

Stain Protection is not an act of god.

Don’t listen to anyone that informs you it will prevent any stain. Effectively stain protection offers you additional time when dealing with liquid spills, denoting you have a few more moments to dash and seize that paper towel to absorb the spillage.
It can assist in tracking marks but will not last permanently and is not truthfully designed for that objective. So if that is what you are trying to achieve, stain protection is not the answer. The more reasonable alternative would be to go synthetic or buy a darker colour, avoid high wool content or, better still, get hardwood flooring.

Stain protection does not work on all fibre varieties.

This hinges on the stain protection option that is being proposed, or you may just need to confirm the kind of protector is the correct one for the fibre your carpet is constructed of. Nevertheless, some protectors do not function on synthetic carpets. It is pretty much senseless on a 100% synthetic carpet; However, on the flip side, if you have 100% wool, some form of stain protection is crucial.
Constantly review with the carpet manufacturer or the carpet cleaner that the variety of stain protection being applied is appropriate for the carpet style you own.

Carpet Stain Protection does not stop colour fading.

Again this is not what stain protection is designed for, and direct sunlight for extended periods can affect the stain protection itself. Colour fade will happen with most classes of carpets, and stain protection will have no effect on that. It is a transparent coating, after all. This angle however can also be addressed with the correct carpet colour correction expertise.

So you have all the truths. Now you just ought to choose if stain protection will aid you to prevent stains in your home? Personally, We suggest stain protection downstairs, in a lounge and dining room. This helps to ensure that you can respond fast enough to any spillages, with many young kids racing around.

Upstairs, however, even with carpets that are 80/20 wool, some don’t bother if you don’t let drinks upstairs; there is minimal risk of staining upstairs. But we are all different, so give this some thought. We hope we have answered your questions and you still feel it may be worthwhile.

There is just one final question How much does carpet stain protection cost? But that one carries slightly more research as it’s a how long is a piece of string scenario! The cost will depend on if it’s a new carpet or an existing installed carpet, the size of the room and surroundings.

We can tell you that stain protection applied as part of professional carpet cleaning can cost as little as £10 per room. If the risk of staining is high, it’s probably a minimal investment.

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Carpet Stain Protection Does It Actually Work?

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