Wondering how to protect your sofa from accidental spills? Buying a fine grade sofa is one of the more meaningful furniture acquisitions you’ll make. Your sofa is a spot where your friends and family gather. It’s almost unavoidable a spill will happen at some time or another. 

If you have children or pets, the likelihood of an unsightly stain occurring on your sofa has just doubled at a rate of knots. However, that doesn’t mean you have to encase your beautiful sofa in plastic sheeting to keep it stain-free, or you need to keep your pets outside and stop inviting visitors around. You can do several things to protect your sofa and keep the upholstery spot-free.

Always Buy The Correct Fabric.

Let’s face it, although a white linen sofa may be pleasing to the eye, it is a tad ambitious if you have kids or even grandchildren who sometimes pop over. Their grubby little hands and lack of coordination means your attractive white fabric is at heightened risk of being tainted.
Think of fabrics with a higher man-made fibre content than natural fibre when you require added durability and stain resistance. Synthetic fibres don’t hold onto stains as extensively as natural textiles and are generally more robust.

This is fantastic for sofa owners who are investigating how to protect your sofa from accidental spills, as it means they’re less likely to harbour stains. There are many exquisite materials around today, available in many textures, designs and colours. Quality commercial-grade fabric is soft, gorgeous and ideal for your home, not inelegant and unsightly as you might envision.

Stain Protection For Sofas (Pets) - Aquadefence

What About Leather Sofas?

While leather is lovely, you need to be ready to look after it. You’ll need to consider whether it is a practical option for your family as not all leather is identical. Beware of items or animals that might generate scratches.

Why? You might want to consider puddling marks where the leather stretches in favoured sitting spots.

Suppose you go for the natural beauty of aniline leather. In that case, you must maintain it monthly with a protective cream to keep it in tip-top condition. There are so many sorts of leather that you can get for your sofa, just like for shoes, there are also various leather qualities.

Use Stain Protection On Your Sofa.

Nonetheless, whether you opt for fabric or leather, using a stain guard is one of the best ways you can shield your sofa from being soiled.
This will help remove the stain more painless if and when it transpires.
For more info on how to protect your sofa from accidental spills, chat to your adviser about stain-resistant treatments if spraying stain guard is not for you. You can ask them to apply it to the fabric before producing your sofa. Ask about the materials available with stain protection technology that have stain resistance into the fibres.

Adjust Your Habbits.

Now we’re not telling you to convert into a ‘clean freak’, but altering some of your rituals around the home can help dodge stains. Think about forbidding food and drinks from being gulped while on the sofa. Sounds drastic, but these are the two most typical grounds for stains.
As an added bonus, studies reveal those who eat at the table tend to gobble healthier meals and smaller portions! If having a munch on the sofa during a movie night is tantamount to your family tradition, consider arranging a small kiddy table or an indoor picnic.

If your dog or cat owns your home like ours do, consider utilising a throw for your dog to snuggle up on or a comfortable cat-friendly cushion on your sofa for puss to knead instead of your couch. Catnip on their pillows or scratching poles will give them more attractiveness than your furniture.

Get To The Stain Quickly & Avoid Scrubbing.

Before cleaning up any unexpected spills, don’t wait for your dinner party to finish. Attend to them as fast as possible before they have an opportunity to ooze deep into the fabric. Gently draw any liquid or food sitting on the fabric’s surface.

Here are a few tips to get rid of stains:For non-oil-based stains:
Mix a small quantity of non-toilet soap, or pure soap flakes, with warm water and apply to the stained spot.
Gently rub the solution in. Do not scrub, and then blot dry using a clean towel.
Apply cool water onto the site and delicately blot dry.
Using a hairdryer, dry the area from the middle of the stain out to discourage any water rings from forming.

For oil-based stains: follow the identical steps above and use a proprietary brand solvent-based cleaner cleaning in panels instead of spot cleaning just the stained spot.
To reduce the necessity for a professional cleaning treatment, select the suitable fabric, apply the stain protection and stop feasting on the sofa! Vacuum your furniture with monthly clean upholstery extension and blot spills rather than scrubbing.

Remember, be pragmatic about how your furniture will be used and get professional guidance on the best sofa fabrics for your lifestyle.

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