Step 1: If the spill is sitting on the fibre’s surface, we advise using a clean white paper towel to absorb the spill. Apply as little pressure as possible. 

Step 2: Once all surface spills have been absorbed into the paper towel, gently lay the pile flat. 

If it’s a flat weave, then this step can be skipped. 

If some of the spill has passed between the fibres, use a fresh paper towel. Lay the paper towel on top of the spill, and apply even flat pressure. (Do not rub.) Repeat until no more of the stain is being transferred to the white paper towel. 

If any of the spill is left present, we recommend contacting our recommended cleaning company at, as adding high street stain removal products will more than likely cause damage to the colour or pile.

Step 3: Once there is no more transfer to the paper towel, we recommend using a hair dryer with cool air to dry the spill out; this helps to prevent cellulose browning (watermark) issues and will reduce any pile damage.

There are instances when professional cleaning will be needed to safely remove the spill from the fibres. Aquadefence®’s main features are that it helps prevent permanent staining by filling dye sites and decreases the chances of permanent pile damage on water-sensitive fibres due to Aquadefence® nanotechnology. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always mean you could remove the spill yourself, but it gives a stain removal specialist a much greater chance of restoring your item back to pre-spill quality.