What If I Spill Food On My Protected Item?

If food is spilt, we advise using a flat spatula to lift as much as possible from the surface. We then recommend following the three steps mentioned above. Once dry, use a butter knife to gently remove any food that has become crispy or hard. Due to the type of spill, professional machinery may be

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Can Items Still Become Permanently Stained Or Damaged If My Item Was Protected?

The short answer is, unfortunately, yes. Some spills are made up of compositions that can damage the protection. If not treated fast enough, very high acid, alkaline, or hot spills can burn away some of the protective barrier, causing the fibre to absorb the spill. Aquadefence® has been created with delicate fibres in mind. If

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How Long Will Aquadefence® Last?

An Aquadefence® treatment will typically last up to 1 year. At this point, we advise cleaning the protected item to remove dirt and debris within the fibre. Then, re-treat the item to enjoy another year of unrivalled stain protection.

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How Do I Treat A Spill?

Step 1: If the spill is sitting on the fibre's surface, we advise using a clean white paper towel to absorb the spill. Apply as little pressure as possible.  Step 2: Once all surface spills have been absorbed into the paper towel, gently lay the pile flat.  If it's a flat weave, then this step can be

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